When to Renovate Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is oftentimes a multiuse space where you gather with the family, have conversations, share meals etc. And if you are wondering whether it is time for a renovation, you can consider the factors given below to get an idea.

Think about the design of your kitchen

Is it outdated and brings down the functionality of the space? Are the appliances outdated? While the initial investment may be high, by upgrading your appliances, you will be able to pick smart energy efficient appliances for the kitchen which will have a big impact on your energy bill. Before you think about the aesthetics of the kitchen, you need to think about functionality as the kitchen needs to be very efficient. Think about the storage you have whether it is cabinets, overhead cupboards etc. Are they hard to open or are they difficult to access? Many old kitchen designs have doors for under counter cupboards which quire you to bend and look for items. This can be very inconvenient. By replacing them with drawers, you will easily able to see all the items in them and find items quickly as well.

Sometimes your lifestyle may have changed

And now the previous kitchen layout doesn’t suit your needs anymore. This might be a good reason for a kitchen renovation. For example, you may want to expand or downsize the kitchen depending on the occupants of the house. And maybe you are looking for a space to both cook and share meals. Think about how you use the kitchen currently and whether any improvements need to be made. A common reason for renovation is when the kitchen surfaces and materials are deteriorated.

For example, the countertops may show a lot of wear and tear to the point that it brings down the aesthetics of the kitchen. You may have peeling or chipped cabinet finishes or chipped tiles. Sometimes certain materials can be difficult to clean which can extend your cleaning time in the kitchen. And if you use this space frequently, it can be very frustrating to go through this all the time. You can choose durable and easy to clean materials in the renovation.

A common complaint

Is not having enough space for storage in a kitchen but even if you have limited space, there are ways to maximise storage. There are many smart storage solutions such as pull out shelves, overhead cupboards, vertical storage etc. You can use every part of the kitchen. For example, you can even have thin drawers in the toe gap area below the counter. This can be a useful space to store chopping boards and other items. You can also build cupboards up to the ceiling and store less frequently used items at the top. Make sure to get a sturdy step stool so that you can easily access the items when you need it. Another great idea is to have a hanging pot rack especially if you have an island counter.

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